Sweet Sixteen… Year Old

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Zoe! (Or is it your domain? I am confused.)

Zoe Yve is a smiley 16-year-old lass.

I pointed out that she wasn’t making a heart, but rather a heart-shaped hole. In other words, an anti-heart.

And so, she turned emo.

Alvan tries to cheer her up. “Let’s go to the waterfall!“, he says.

Why yes I like that idea, and some ice-cream!

And so, we have the cliche shot.

However, she takes it one step cuter!

Thanks Kenny for taking this shot though I would’ve composed it where the red dotted lines are; the man on the left with the walkie talkie was the security guard who pestered us off Jaya One.

Oh and thanks to Wingz for organizing this shoot and inviting me!

More to come, from our next location, after this!

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