Ever noticed that rappers don’t ever, ever sing? It’s like a major Doo Not.

So today I discovered a rapper who does sing! *

That’s Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance. Wow, rap, soul and new wave all in one! Why have I not discovered her earlier?

I think it’s funny how often, a certain song that doesn’t fit the usual genre of an artiste, makes you appreciate other artistes. Faith No More – Stripsearch, for example, is a brooding electronic piece – because I liked it, I enjoyed Neneh Cherry – Manchild!

That’s not to say that it would be uncharacteristic of Faith No More to have schizophrenic genres… their cover of Black Sabbath – War Pigs is what got me hooked onto Ozzy’s classic lineup at first. Sorry Dio, you know I went to see you in Singapore, but I still prefer the croaking geezer. No, not Geezer Butler though I did see him too!

I didn’t get Auburn‘s music at first, but after a few times it got in my randomizer, I got it, and enjoyed it! Just recently I discovered Silverchair and realized the resemblance. If I didn’t like Auburn I probably wouldn’t have liked Silverchair. I couldn’t rock to Love Me Butch‘s This Is The New Pop album at first, but a few listens to Funeral For A Friend and then I understood.

* Okay so technically Hunny Madu sings and raps too. Hello if you are reading this see I remember yo multi-colored friend!

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