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I have a cup at the office. I wipe it dry and store it at my cubicle every time.

Every time I don’t, and I leave it to dry at the pantry, it will end up at somebody else’s desk. People like my cups! There was one that I won at a Canon Expo, which sat at the cubicle next to mine, for quite a while. I didn’t bother claiming my cup (since I had another free cup at home, so I brought that…)

My second cup made its rounds too. One particular colleague has certain traits, which as of lately, somehow have been noticed in me. It is scary – I wonder if these traits were contagious!

Speaking of contagious, Sunday was not a good day for the flu-fearing like me. I met one too many people who had just gotten off a plane. I don’t know if I am fortunate that we don’t have a complex ghetto hand greeting, or unfortunate that we still shake hands on reflex. Often, I’d find out that they got off a plane after shaking hands.

Nevertheless, I monitor my body temperature – it is interesting to note how you get a bit warmer after waking up, or eating. Or how you can seem rather warm when sitting under a cold air vent and seem alright 30 minutes out of the office.

I bought a book.

I don’t read, really – sure, I buy KLue and ROTTW religiously every month, and read them when I can (possibly, 2-12 months later.) However, I can’t even remember the last book I properly picked up and read. Lord Of The Rings, back in 1998, possibly… I got halfway through the book I think.

I didn’t know I would consume any book until I found this paperback at Borders, Berjaya Times Square – I stood there reading it until almost 10pm. I knew then it was my destiny to buy this book one day. However, I did not cross paths with it again when I started looking – it was not in Borders or MPH! Popular had it… in Penang. I then found it in Times Square, Pavilion.

Scar Tissue, by Anthony Kiedis

His autobiography is pretty much sex, drugs and rock and roll, but written poetically – he is after all a poet. Interestingly, the first half is a lot of Hillel Slovak and a lot of drugs, with probably a quarter of the book for his childhood. A major bonus would be the insights to the lyrics of the songs, and pictures, some of which were uncensored. I’m only up to the point where John Frusciante quit the band, but I know if I pick it up again I will not be able to put it down.

It also helps that the Red Hot Chili Peppers was the first band I ever declared to be my “favorite”. The book realigned my taste for their first three albums – I didn’t pay much attention to the pre-John Frusciante stuff until this book.

And in other news, I am excited about this week’s Moonshine!

What: Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show X Junk Lo-Fideo
When: Thursday 10pm, July 16th 2009
Where: Laundry Bar, The Curve
How Much: Free but buy a drink! Or if you don’t drink, buy me a drink or members of Rhapsody a drink because they have been so gracious to return!
Who: Bite Me Butterfly, The Wongs, Laila, Rhapsody

OMG Rhapsody! I was very sad when this superb jazz/funk/soul/pop group broke up, and now they are back and I feel a bit braver to face the world now that I can pat my favorite Buddha-headed singer and derive spiels of joy from it. Oh and of course Bite Me Butterfly with hot sizzing Sicilian/Malay vocalist Naj! (Laila does not have any hot chicks though, they’re pretty much Laila’s Lounge without the former vocalist.)

4 thoughts on “More Random Squibbles About Albert

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Janice: The pool shots are too cool not to so don’t you worry, awesome one!

    Lex: I heard that from someone else when I mentioned Scar Tissue, too! Though I am honestly not that big a fan of Guns N Roses while I am a big fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I don’t even know who else is in GNR other than Axl Rose and Slash, really!

    YK: For most intents and purposes I’d say Mother’s Milk has tinges of it.


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