Sometime This Year

Marketplace, 22nd February 2009, a place that I haven’t been to in a while.

Tom does acoustic.

Darren of An Honest Mistake. Emo at its best!

Haha I don’t need to play big drums today.

Eve (Oh!) and Rohnie.

LOLcute! (expression, that is.)

When Nick Davis plays his edgier stuff it’s like a fog envelops you.

Yet another ball shot.


Ironically the other person I’d associate with listening to Underoath is Darren’s brother Kevin.

Rafique Rashid shows us how to tune a guitar.

Oh no I don’t remember her name!

Rafique then takes the stage and commands everyone’s attention with his dramatic chords and witty lyrics.

Anuar then commands our attention with some magic!

I can’t remember exactly what this was called – was it a cajon? It had loads of sounds out of one box depending on where you hit it.

This was the first time I’d see a lap steel guitar in real life!

Argh, I don’t remember his name either! I usually annotate these things in my phone but for some reason I didn’t.

A month later, 27th March 2009 to be exact, was (an) Earth Hour gig at Urbanattic, Capsquare.

This was of course Unabashed (with ex-colleague Jason Ding on vocals.)

Urbanattic has nice lights, sometimes.

Like this spotlight on the drummer!

Then after was this Indonesian dude and his band. Again, I forgot to write down his name!

Avril took this, I think.

I also remember this night because George and I took the LRT and drove to Hartamas where I introduced him to Indomee (despite me bumping into him most times in Hartamas…)

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