Kay, Arnie Will

20th June 2009 – I went down to Jaya33 for the PJ Challenge Bloggers ‘K’arnival!

Those were seriously huge balloons.

So what makes the difference between blogger meets and this ‘K’arnival? Why, rows of seats, of course!

Amanda Choe, one of the emcees, appears to be wearing a veil.

Left to right: Niki Cheong, Amanda, MissyCheerio.

Left to right: Amanda, Josh Lim the other emcee, Dato Dr. Wong Sai Hou.

Kenny Sia gets dot-matrix-ed.

smashpOp and Rames.

Kenny talks about… blogs!

He talked about what to talk about, and what not to talk about.

In the back, there was a competition to blog live from the ‘K’arnival.

smashpOp explains why he changes skins.

Rames talks about his side tutorial blog.

The famous smashpOp jump!

MissyCheerio talks about the friends she made blogging.

Ohello it’s me! *charges her a donut*

Hmmm what is with that glazed look?

Yay I made it to her massive friends collage! Strangely, I do not remember that picture being taken…

She then spoke of her experience with random guys adding her on MSN. The picture still has so much impact even censored I’ll just shrink it anyway.

Diversion time with Amanda who was also on stage giving a speech. Lookatherheels!

Niki Cheong in a more sombre news mood.

Amanda also doubles as slideshow operator.

Mr. Soh Hen Sem explains viral marketing via blogs.

Ewin takes part in a contest.

However, it was whiz kid Gloson who took home the laptop!

Come to papa!

And then, we went down to Subway for lunch/dinner.

Joshua Yap with the A900 and Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8. It calls you to click on the thumbnail!

Joshua won a laptop and Kaspersky Internet Security 2008! Sweet! (Clickable thumbnail.)

Kim Wei Wei – what is there not to Like about her Facebook status updates? 😀 (Again, clickable thumbnail.)

The shot everybody has been waiting for – the Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye group shot! (Clickable thumbnail.)

I quote Amanda in a Cookie Monster voice – “WARGH FISHEYEFISHEYEFISHEYE! FISHEYEFISHEYEFISHEYE!” as she hobbled into the frame.

7 thoughts on “Kay, Arnie Will

  1. bboyrice Post author

    OMG… FISHEYE FISHEYE FISHEYE FISHEYE FISHEYE FISHEYE FISHEYE!!!! wonder mine can do this or not too.. >.<

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Ewin: Yaaa man!

    bryanlyt: LOL it must’ve been stuck in your head.

    bboyrice: Seems close enough, yours!

    MoJosh: You can get one with a SonyCard Visa. 😉


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