Now In Color

1st April 2009 – what better way to spend April Fool’s Day than at No Black Tie with comedian Andrew Netto?

But first, a stairway shot.

A Justin Wong shot.

A Greg Ramanado from above shot. He was in the mood for some Jamiroquai – Love Foolosophy (which explains the beanie, which appears in their Abbey Road live video.)

A bokeh-ful drummer shot.

For once, I like this angle of the piano.

Gotta have bass to cover Jamiroquai!

Back to the crowd.

And on to the show – arguably Malaysia’s youngest stand-up comedian!

One of his famous dance acts.

Fast-forward to 8th July 2009. Mr. Netto looks starkingly like a Thriller-esque Michael Jackson here!

Shot at 135mm F1.8 1/5s ISO6400.

And of course, opening act The Ramanados must cover Michael Jackson as a tribute…

…with excellent covers of Billie Jean and The Way You Make Me Feel.

There was also a Def Leppard – Walk Away cover. All within the myriad styles that the Ramanados play.

Though, I must say I didn’t appreciate that 3 of the 4 lights in No Black Tie had suddenly gotten a blue gel overlaid.

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