Some Burst Of Pictures, Part 4!

Here’s some more from Sunburst KL 2009, 21st March 2009! Guess which band this is…

He’s just sessioning.

And a string section, who could it be?

Famous producer Greg Henderson. Which hard-rocking Malaysian band could this be?

She got on stage, representing her other half, a guitarist that could not be there…

The bassist however is the familiar Kadak!

And the vocalist Emmett.

Who else, but Malaysian rock legends Butterfingers!

If they started in school, I would gander that they’ve been doing this for half their lives.

Later, there was Twilight Action Girl. Is she Twilight Action Girl?

I heard that Twilight Action Girl was made of more than one person. Is it this group of girls?

No man we’re a bunch of dudes!” This is DJ Bunga a.k.a. Lim Kok Kean.

This is hairstylist DJ Xu a.k.a. Su.

This is DJ ChaseyLain a.k.a. Kelvin Oon.

This is DJ Ribut 10:59 a.k.a. Daryl Goh.

Together, they play the randomest mix of indie, dance, soul and electro. I used to go frequently when they played at The Loft, Zouk KL (before the renovations.) It is always refreshing to have Twilight Action Girl play in a open space. I have to admit I am a bit claustrophobic with a packed dance floor full of indie kids due to a past incident

After this, 2 international headliner acts!

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