Webcomics I Enjoy!

Concerned: The Hλlf-Life And Death Of Gordon Frohman

I read this all in one seating. This is my favorite strip: #115

Questionable Content

This has an addictive storyline with very well fleshed out characters! Went back a few pages then decided to start from the first page!


Check out today’s Geocities tribute! The ultimate geek comic.

Cyanide And Happiness

I still follow this, though lately the consistency hasn’t been great. It had smarter jokes when it started.

The Perry Bible Fellowship

Fantastic artwork, and ever off the hook!

A consistent pattern I find, of webcomics, is that the first 5-10 strips usually do not represent what the rest of the strips look like (or narrate or feel like.)

2 thoughts on “Webcomics I Enjoy!

  1. jokeserv Post author

    whatever happened to perry bible fellowship? they stopped updating so long ago… sigh. i missed the comic.


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