Slim Pack Of Red

And now, for pictures from my Sony Cybershot DSC-W190! It packs a 35-105mm equivalent zoom lens (surprisingly, 35mm can be quite wide even when you’re used to having much wider focal lengths…)

It reminds me of slide film, with a specific latitude that you must adhere to. Then again, I don’t mind the high black point, as it was the light and shadow I was trying to convey.

For the pixel peepers – the maximum ISO is 3200, and you can only expect so much from a regular front-lit CCD sensor. (This is not a back-lit CMOS!)

Of course, when you need it, it gives the mood…

Enough arsing around. Having Live View all the time helps with tricky angles (where having a SLR would make it very obvious that you were trying to take a picture!)

Live View (which is what all point-and-shoots offer) gets you nice overhead angles.

Big chunky cameras are for girls!

The other thing I loved about using a point-and-shoot, is that there is no mirror, and the mechanical shutter is very quiet, so you could take street shots in a shopping mall without people noticing (even though my camera was metallic red!)

Had I used a SLR the owner would’ve known I was trying to take pictures of his shop.

I love Smile Shutter. It gets the goofiest smiles out of everybody (since the W190 isn’t extremely sensitive to smiles, you need to smile harder and bigger.)

Smile Shutter not used for this one (incidentally, Face Detection struggles with back-lit faces, so it would not have been possible unless I bring the camera real close to the face.)

Given good light, the colors are awesome!

Taking pictures while waiting for the train is a nice way to pass time.

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  1. Ganaesh D. Post author

    Yeah, agreed. Sometimes carrying a big-ass DSLR is just a pain in the ass. There are times when you just NEED a good compact cam.


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