The End Of The N70

Man, I remember the days when I was the only person I knew with an unlimited data plan, on DiGi. (Heck, even smashpOp did not have one!)

How long ago was it? Since the 10th of June 2006, at least.

Check the EXIF data on this picture for proof. Here’s an unbelieving Cheesie!

This was online streaming radio – SpodRadio. I loved Virgin’s rock channels – they introduced me to a lot of rock. I’d listen to it on the bus – DiGi’s EDGE was pretty consistent. Also seen in this picture is smashpOp’s Panasonic FZ-5 and Nokia 6680!

(And yes, it was hard to believe, but my Nokia N70 was exactly one generation newer than the resident mobile expert’s phone back then.)

Like every other well-aged, well-used and loved Nokia N70, it would scuff at the back in that exact same pattern. However the talking front piece only came about this year – this was the first time I’d have to change the housing!

I liked the green housing – perhaps this led to me liking the Google Android mascot. However when my LCD started getting dull pixels (I could rub them and they would move about, like the liquid crystals were dead or something) I knew it was time for a new phone.

Hence, the HTC Desire which I posted about in the previous post. How is it now? I am discovering new things about it everyday, like its ability to play Quake 3 (or rather, Kwaak 3) over WifiKeyboard, the very awesome Google Goggles (which does read business cards, but struggles with smaller text, and shows augmented reality locations of buildings when GPS works), and of course Live Wallpapers.

My favorite add-on, however, is Swype, which let me get 61 words per minute on myTextSpeed doing the “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.“!

Sure, there is ShapeWriter for the iPhone, but you can’t use it globally – you can only create emails and notes. You’d need to copy-and-paste to use it in messages!

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