8-4 Rock On The Floor

8th April 2010: A relatively band-heavy instalment of Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show down at Laundry Bar.

This was Tenderfist

…which I could describe as slower synthpop in the vein of New Order.

Great stuff!

Next up was Sphere.

I’d call it shoegazing…

…but happy.

Wide open my Vivitar 24mm F2.0 makes me wish for the speedy arrival of the Zeiss 24mm F2.0. Fortunately it isn’t priced anywhere near my Zeiss 135mm F1.8!

Then came a band I hadn’t seen in ages – KLPHQ!

This was definitely a harder night.

Last I counted, they should be the Kuala Lumpur Post-Harmonic Quintet.

Hooray for on-stage lighting.

Reza introduces the next band…

The Otherside Orchestra!

Gotta love his shirt. I don’t even have one myself!

Disco rock and roll.

Eh bro why doesn’t this part of the song have any keyboard parts?

Gotta love their disco light! Sadly the two lights they also brought to project from the front could not work.

Here’s Eddy looking all samurai…

…and Badak with a cool shirt, and Diyana! (Hey Happy Birthday!)

(Edited – it’s Badak, not Rudy, heh.)

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