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Greetings, earthlings!

I got myself a hairdo which I have always wanted to get ever since I kept my hair long. Guess what it is!

Nope it’s not Mr. T versus a midget lawnmower. I pity the fool who thought that!

Well you could call it a double mohawk. What does this mean?

The above shots were shot by KJ with Azrul’s Canon 1D MkIII and Canon 70-200mm F2.8L USM. Pictures were taken at the fantastic 807 Studio.

We also took some shots with a Hasselblad H4D-50 (50 megapixels!) and a Hasselblad HC 80mm F2.8. I have to say though that the H4D is quite a different experience, with the HC 80mm F2.8 having loud focusing and the H4D having only one AF point in the center. Still, it brings amazing detail and tonality (KJ converted the files in Phocus to 16-bit TIFF.)

A large softbox was above and behind me, with a mirror in front to reflect the light.

Oddly, the 1D MkIII picked up a lot more of the reflection so we tried a honeycomb-snooted light (none of these shots used that.)

Alright, now for the answer – where did I get my inspiration from?

Racing stripes!

When I’m having my mid-life crisis I will buy a sports car and I will deck it out with racing stripes!

I have always wanted to have racing stripes as a hairstyle. Interestingly, I could not find anybody else with this exact hair. I remember telling people I’d want to go through the following phases:

1) Colored hair (bleached highlights and dyed them blue, but it ended up being blue-green and I turned into a peacock.)
2) Long hair (had that for 5 years 5 months)
3) Dreadlocks (but that was shelved because people kept saying that it would stink and they wouldn’t let me in their car and so…)
4) Cornrows (had that for 2 weeks)
5) Bald (did it for charity – plus it’s the only hairstyle you can get after having cornrows!)
6) Flat top (I knew I wanted racing stripes, but I might as well get this first, and then end up with stripes.)
7) Racing stripes

The initial plan was dreadlocks-bald-racing-stripes but it got diverted a fair bit. Man I cannot wait to go to a gig and rock out!

So how much did I pay for this?


Sounds cheap, but I went to a barber shop in Dato Keramat village to do this! I asked if they could do it, a special hairstyle, and there were two guys working on it. (The first guy didn’t know how to make the narrow lane in the middle.) So by the time they had finished this accomplishment, I let the guy figure out how much to charge.

To which I am glad that he figured his work was worth it – a regular flat top, which I got there, and a bald cut, which I got there also, was usually about RM10! (This also comes to a recent realization that Malaysians do not know how much their work can be worth.)

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  1. djcarmen Post author

    hot n sexy! i love this hair compared to the rest i’ve seen…

    FYI>> still remembered u with that weird strand of blue-green colour. weird.


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