Ramainya Doh!

One 24th of April 2010 I went down to Artista, that gig venue/restaurant/bar down the corner of Tropicana City Mall.

That night, Artista was rocking with The Ramanados!

Gregory Ramanado, frontman, mesmerizes the audience.

Attentive audience is attentive!

He dances, prances, raps, scats, and rocks your socks off.

Sometimes, he rocks his hat off, too.

It was Herman Ramanado’s birthday celebration. Here he is ripping a bass solo.

Steven Ramanado, meanwhile, sang a bit of Bob Marley. He celebrated his new dreadlocks with a dedication to the rastafarians!

There was also a fair bit of The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus.

At the bar. It was a lot darker than this.

Darren Ashley, soundman, took to the stage, looking all rock star.

He does funky fingerstyle and boomboxing.

And then Gregory came on, to tell Herman to take it to the bridge!

His new air guitar is real light.

Steven also took to the keyboards. Which is funny because I’d usually see Herman on piano.

Herman, meanwhile, pimping up Jared Cheow’s drumset.

Everybody has a go! Left to right: Jared Cheow, Herman, Ashwin Gobinath.

Jared on bass.

Break for the cake.

Birthday boy on his brother’s lovely weathered Fender.

Now if only my weathered goods had such value!

The night went on with an encore and a big jam session that resulted in quite many “one more song!” calls.

Tisa joins in for the encore!

It’s been a while since I have done such a remix. ’twas fun! The new effect is Difference Clouds with Soft Light overlay mode.

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