Back on the 24th of April 2010, I walked down to Zinc Art Space for David Corio‘s talk.

He took pictures way back then, for New Musical Express (or more commonly known as NME!) A whole load of portraits turned back time to a young U2, for example.

It was also nice to bump into the entire rock photographer scene!

Spot me in the picture.

Who is she spotting?

Badly budgeted tattoo. 😀

And not even a week later, on the 30th of April 2010, I went down to Republik Studios for Palani Mohan‘s talk.

Mixed almost non-existent light. Photography talks are very invigorating and enlightening!

I think Prakash Daniel took this picture. I love it! It looks very newspaper-ish, which is apt since he does work for a newspaper.

Yeah lah this machaaa.

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  1. Prakash Daniel Post author

    Bro, thanks for the tag man, this quite a while, anyway u can send me the portrait of me ah…with ur watermark also can ! heheheh, thanks man


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