Street In Squares

All shots were cropped to become squares. It’s fun to find which pictures work better as squares!

Square faced.

You can’t pass, you’ve got a square helmet.

X Pax. X is like the frame of a square.

I have no idea man.

Yeah, you can sing too.

Lean on me.

Friday prayin’.

My hairstyle’s not square enough.

And I was like, BOOM!

He just wants somebody to love.

That move is supposed to deflect photography, somewhat?

Sitting squarely.

5 thoughts on “Street In Squares

  1. ShaolinTiger Post author

    The square crop is a much underused format IMHO, there are a LOT of pictures which work much better in squares. After all many MF/LF films are square – that should tell us something 😀

  2. Matthew Post author

    The falun dafa photo cracked me up! Hehe. And I love the B&W photo of the man with the mic, where did he get it from? Did he sing? The photo with man leaning on the street sign makes it look as if he’s been leaning on it for too long haha.

    How often do you carry your camera around? They don’t mind their pictures being taken?

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    smashpOp: LOL!

    Syakir: Yes it is!

    ShaolinTiger: And the Hasselblads are too, champions!

    Matthew: I don’t think so – the mike was from a street concert which was given away, I think. I bring my camera everywhere, if these pictures don’t tell you that already. 😀 Only one guy seemed to mind his picture being taken, if you can spot him. 😉


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