Estranged: The Band

Sometime back, July 15th 2009 to be exact, Ken of LifeInKL and I did a collaboration. We shot Estranged, a Malaysian rock band with a modern sound!

I first saw these guys at the first ever gig I went to, at the original location of No Black Tie!

Red + Green + Blue = White

Azwin found his claws.

Getting out of bed the hard way.

Rich has an invisble forcefield.

I loved this spot. Too bad it is now closed off.

We then adjourned to Azwin’s blue-walled room which became a blue-walled studio. This is Din Hormatov, rhythm guitarist.

One light from the left, one light from the right, and one ring flash coming right up!

Richael Gimbang, lead vocals – crooning and the occasional bridge-section-screaming.

Yes their wardrobe is sponsored by Badger.

Azwin Andy, drummer.

He is one of three brothers who are all drummers in Malaysian rock bands – Pop Shuvit and Frequency Cannon are the other two.

Hanafi, lead guitarist, without the ring flash.

One more, with. Though the room was airconditioned so I’m not sure where he got his windswept hair from.

The making of – thanks Ken for this picture! You can see one of the two off-camera flashes, as well as my DIY ring flash.

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