Kelepak 2010

26th June 2010: Urbanscapes 2010, down at the scorching Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center. Well done, bomohs!

Not that this picture has bomohs – they are just celebrating a traditional ‘moving house’ done gotong royong style.

You no parking here sir!


Dustyhawk and BBoyRice getting on the remix.

Cheesie, and the EeChing who introduced her to blogging, and Her Royal Peacock�.

Alda Tan, who feels like he is being watched.

Wei Wei, wei!

Yin Xie!

Yi Ching!

Haaa see this is the reference picture of you that I had in my head. With the smaller eyes.

Fellow dino-shirted attendees!

Fellow camera owners.

A fellow of the Quaintly school of cute.

Which is, really, the only reason why I tagged her. Hello Su Ann!

George Wong who needs to blog more than about just his gig listings and apparently his new job as a movie reviewer. 😀

Kyoto Protocol, who I almost always miss.

The unforgettable Panda Head Curry waaargggghhh with their hit single/game-show Wanita Atau Wookie?

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