Not My Cup Of Tea At M-A-P

On the 8th of January 2011 I went down to MAP KL, Solaris Dutamas, for a gig! It was the Not My Cup Of Tea – BeforeAfters/Beatburns EP Launch gig.

Zip Zeiller with the finest blues rock. These guys love their Hendrix, doing a slow Little Wing cover.

Bumped into Najlaa!

Rock out with your tongue out.

This was BeforeAfters, one of the bands launching their EP that day. She can rock!

Stonebay, purveyors of 90’s rock.

Auburn, which I’d put as progressive alternative rock, with their newly minted bassist Aidil.

Then came Beatburns!

(And their fans!)

Moe was bandslutting with both bands having their album launch that day. I finally got to see him perform, after bumping into him countless times as the ROTTW writer.

Celine in a tender crescendo.

She can also shout!

Out of nowhere a string quintet joined them on stage.

Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these.

Take the Mickey out of your shoes.

Celine and Moe in the same frame, how sweet. 😀

Bassist for awesome pop rockers Couple!

Drummer for awesome big band Tilu!

Yeah they got their horn section.

My focus at most gigs is to take pictures that represent the personality of the band member on stage – here you see an uncharacteristic, unenergized, unsmiley Amira…

…and here she looks like how she is on stage, playful and smiley! Very happy band, this.

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