17th April 2011: PIKOM PC Fair 2011, down at the KLCC Convention Center.

But first, we had a Teh Tarik session about Sony Alpha cameras where we noticed the table next to us was having a Teh Tarik session about the Nokia N8! Yes, they fell like dominoes a few times.

Loads of cool gadgets on sale!

There were also loads of cheap Android tablets running on modified Android 2.2, with virtual keys for Home, Menu and Back at the top row.

In comparison, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the proper tablet OS, has the virtual keys on the bottom.

Garmin show booth girls.

Interestingly, a Garmin pedometer! They might as well make a bicycle mount and use the Garmin Asus A50 with its GPS software instead.

Y’know, because Albert is so cool they just mosey up to me.

More cheapo Android 2.2 tablets! The right one has a iPad ripoff button. Ugh. The keyboard doesn’t even have the full set of Android keys! I’ve seen much better Bluetooth keyboards.

It seems now that antivirus vendors go all out on the girls.

But can any be as slim as the Sony Ericsson Arc?

She projects a wonderful smile.

And this is a cheapo tablet being plugged via HDMI. Any and every screen can be mirrored to a HD TV on Android! You just have to have the port.

This LG Optimus 2X, has the HDMI output in the form of a Micro HDMI Type-D port.


Eat that, Toshiba Thrive!

An alternative to having physical buttons on the front, would be to put them on the side. Though I think Home was the iPad-style button on the front.

Are you done with the geeking already?

Yes, I say.

Hello Monique!

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