The first Transformer I bought in a long time! Transformers Generations Wheeljack.

My colleagues have some way cool FansProject toys – here’s Springer!

Prime turret.

Optimus Prime and the whipping boy Hot Rod.

Transformers Animated in front, and a Transformers Energon Superion decked out with FansProject accessories.

The large gun and add-on plates are awesome! I have the original Transformers Energon Superion, all bought separately.

Foot plates that also transform into vehicle-mode accessories.

More Transformers Animated figures. I have to say they reached a new level of toy design with these!

And here is my like for Wheeljack – left to right: Transformers Generations Wheeljack, Transformers Energon Powerlink Downshift and Transformers Cybertron Downshift.

One of my favorite Angry Birds. (Thank you Waifon!)

Amateurs may prefer the black explosive bird, but as a 3-star Angry Bird athlete, I highly regard the white bomber bird as well.

A 1x3x3 Rubik’s Cube. Not mine. 🙁

The Androski kits. Assemble your own using tiny, easy-to-lose pins. Annoying to build, and looks better on the box cover.

On the plus side, the ski dude holds my Android phone up!

The glue for the base gave way, sadly, so this little bugdroid fell off my office cubicle. 🙁

Yes, they aren’t called little Andys – Google employees refer to the Android mascot as the bugdroid!

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