Moonshine, June 2011

Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, June 16th 2011 at Laundry Bar. Here’s emcee Faiz!

Maharajah Commission with some off-kilter rock stuff.

Man I don’t know what this is – an electric banjo?

The Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 on the A900 never disappoints for gigs in low light, like these.

The Carl Zeiss 24mm F2.0 on the A900 meanwhile, covers the wide end.

Next up – a hard-rocking band I hadn’t seen in ages!

This is Naked Breed.

Jack the shredder.

Justin in a hoodie, never once showing his bald head.

Rudy and friend.


Catchy rock in Malay.

Ajin, brother of Ajan the vocalist.

Hot chick soundwoman!

Ryan L.B. on drums for the last band of the night…

Darren Ashley!

I was quite surprised to see his musical direction now – it was all flashy dancey rock with a dose of electronica.

Large crowd!

You gotta listen to his stuff:

Initially I wondered why he started dancing like Justin Bieber but then I should rephrase it – perhaps more like he had moves like Jagger.

Though I doubt that people who listen to radio know what Mick Jagger’s swagger is like.

Sound and lights!

Yeah they turned on the colored flourescent lights behind, and it was amazing!

He has always been blowing away people’s minds with his multiple talents, like beatboxing, rapping, singing in Chinese, and funky fingerstyle, becoming a one-man band… formerly known as Two Hand Band.

I wonder what’s with the wardrobe change though.

He used to be decked out in white shirts.

Gotta love the flourescent light! Too bad they removed it.

The big ensemble.

After the show.

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