Urbanscapes 2011!

16th July 2011: Urbanscapes 2011, down at Padang Astaka!

Bumped into ex-colleague Sook Rong…

…and her friend. Ultra-wide perspectives from the Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG on the full-frame Sony Alpha 900.

This makes for real easy camwhoring…

…and random grab shots.

It was muddy all over. Reza Salleh smartly came in boots!

Jon YKT, from the back!

Liyana Fizi, from the front!

The weather was nice for a picnic.


Water-conducted beats.

More deco for Publika, a new, very artsy shopping mall in Solaris Dutamas.

Cable rolls have a second life.

The sun was unrelenting.

Sheena! She was spitting rhymes and spoken word. First time I’d seen her do this!

Nearby, you could register to vote. Which you should, anyway.

The original Polaroid SX-70?

One of the few air-conditioned places. This was notably different from KL Performing Arts Center, where you could retreat into the air-conditioned halls and freshen up in the toilets. Instead, at Padang Astaka, we got portable toilets, nowhere as comfortable.

Reza Salleh performing on stage!

Perhaps, suntan tattoos are in.

The Moonshine booth.

A collection of Moonshine posters.

Malaysian records, sold at the Moonshine booth.

Graffiti artists and fans.

So yeah I was saying, picnic…

Which, ironically, Guitar Hero was not. I played against two different people in two different booths, at Hard difficulty.

Now I admit that I do play Expert difficulty most of the time except for extremely technical metal songs… so I was expecting to win both rounds. Instead, I found myself neck-to-neck with my contenders, often trading first and second place! (I ultimately lost both.)

This made me happy somewhat, to know that the level of Guitar Hero-ship has greatly improved.

Sheena, one such secret champion. She admitted to playing Expert, sometimes. Good game!

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