Sony SLT-A77 v1.04 Compared To v1.03 Speed

So I’ve updated my A77 to firmware version 1.04, but the lagginess in certain menus is still there. We tested with William Leong‘s A77, on v1.04, and mine on v1.03:

Initially everyone thought that v1.04 improved the speed to switch between LCD and EVF using the Eye-Start Sensor but as it turns out, from a side-by-side comparison, that it was perceptual and random. Both cameras had no memory card inside, though we were not able to match lenses since nobody brought matching lenses at the gathering, oddly.

Even turning on the A77 was the same speed!

We were not able to fairly test turning off the camera, as we didn’t have matching lenses, and it would be hard to record a video showing the EVF going off (or the anti-dust mechanism whirring.)

We did not do any noise tests – that would be far more tedious!

The link to download the A77 v1.04 firmware is here:

Thanks to 8tvt whose A77 with the Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 was used to record this video. Thanks also for uploading it for us!

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