Leica Superia!

And now, for more from the Leica M6 TTL and Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 35mm F2.0 ZM combo! I love the color of this shot. Also, Papillon 1973 in Solaris Dutamas makes the best burgers around this area (second only to adding pork, which Brussels Beer Cafe is awesome at!)

There was also the memorable Fish & Chippery with fantastic cheeseburgers but that place closed down. 🙁

All shots were shot at F2.0 unless otherwise stated. No color, contrast or brightness adjustments were done – I just did an Unsharp Mask with amount 90%, radius 0.3 pixels, threshold 3 levels, before resizing it.

I used Fujifilm Superia X-TRA ASA400 for all pictures in this series. I believe this was shot at F8. As always, emerald greens are apparent!

I took a wild guess, aiming at about 2 meters. Fortunately this was nailed!

The view from my cubicle. Coder’s block.

Underexposure results in lowered contrast and muddy blacks.

Muddier! Shot at 1/15th of a second if I remember, to avoid motion blur.

Educated beggar.

The cliched homeless person street shot.

Petaling Street bags your attention.

A small enclave somewhere off Petaling Street hosted a lot of tattoo parlours!

Shoe man.

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