In Dear

So a bunch of us went down to Jalan Masjid India to do a street shoot! (I particularly like how there is a sense of depth in this picture.)

Unregular angle.

The trick is to use a wide lens and pretend you’re focusing on something in the distance. I guess the guy wouldn’t know that I was using a 24mm on full-frame.

Crowds are usually fun – ask them who is playing tonight!


Men with more cloth than women here (thankfully.)

The Opteka 85mm F1.4 on the A900 for awesome separation! Now that I look at this I wonder how it would look stopped down, to show all 3 flows of human traffic.

This, meanwhile, has human traffic 90 degrees off the axis of car traffic.

We reached the familiar ruins of Dang Wangi.

Even more overrun than before, with far more shrubbery.

A less familiar one.

I have no idea what this means.

Then, just nearby, lay a dead bird – already dead when we saw it.

Coincidentally there was a rubber band, almost as if it was a hint of the murder weapon.

After all that, I walked to the monorail station. Standing in the way of traffic helps people ease up to the fact that you’re there, taking a picture of them – don’t go into their space and take their picture – instead, wait for them to enter your space and then take the picture! As far as she knows, she was just getting in the way of my picture. You might as well fake such an expression while waiting for the subject to leave the frame.

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