Prema Yin, Back

Sometime back on the 2nd of November 2011 I headed down to good ol’ Sri Hartamas (not Desa Sri Hartamas) for the neighborhood pub/gritty rock venue, The Backyard Pub.

Who was on the bill? The electro-jazz-cat Darren Ashley. He cranked up his Kaoss pad for his electro funk dance rock goodness! He did, in a less common moment, veer a bit into his guitar-wielding history and did a cover of Raul Midon – State Of Mind.

However, he was just the opener, for Prema Yin! This funk/soul/rock-and-roll lass has stage presence, having been around the scene for ages (earliest I’d seen her was Aseana Percussion Unit and International Groove Collective!) This would be her farewell gig before she would embark on a tour of the United States.

Of course, in my true fashion, this blog entry is so backdated that Prema Yin had already returned from her tour and is back in Malaysia.

Moe Joe!

Random sexy back. No this is not Prema’s sexy back – which apparently was too sexy for some Malaysians, in her ‘Marilah’ video.

Broken guitar string downtime.

Here with her band, also known as Mordo Blasters in their free time, and also part of the Darren Ashley band.

The night ended with an awesome jam session, with Collin and Alda Tan (of Car Crash Hearts), Ryan and Prema (of the Prema Yin band) and Darren Ashley all on stage. At the very end of the jam, the power went out! I dub it the Backyard Blackout Jam.

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