Another Gig In DoPPel

18th May 2012: Art Rock’s Night – A Pink Floyd Trip. Note the logos on the white wall.

This was my first time at DoPPel Kafe, at Central Market Annexe! This place used to be many things, including the famous Liquid Bar.

I came late, but managed to catch Offroads doing Time.

Temjin did Learning To Fly, but they also did their own rock and roll stuff. To which the venerable Rafique Rashid rose and said, “HEY! this was to be a Pink Floyd tribute gig!

He was not pleased. Neither was I. Yes, we like rock and roll, but when you do a tribute, you ideally stick to covering the band, or playing songs that sound like the band or have a similiar mood. (The least they could do to quantify this was to sound more like Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd.)

Yes, rock and roll.

Phlox did Echoes.

All shots with the Sony Alpha NEX-5, with the E-mount 16mm F2.8 pancake for the wide shots, and the Opteka 85mm F1.4 in A-mount (with the Sony LA-EA1 adapter) for the telephoto shots. Still, it was pretty dark, and I had to use ISO3200 and flash sometimes!

Rafil Elyas of Panda Head Curry, who did not play.

Pitahati soundchecked with Money, then starting with Arnold Layne, Another Brick In The Wall, and two of their own Pink Floyd-ish Malay songs. I remember noting their Big Muff and Korg sound. Also note the stage color, but this could be shuffled around!

Bonus blast from the past: 10th February 2010, when this place was Oh Malaya Cafe, a retro-themed place.

The outdoor lounge.

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