Singlehood Pains

Is it that great to be single?

These are the wonderings of a guy who has been single all his life. Serious. He’s never had a girlfriend. Excuse? Never had the courage to make a move, or the targets were taken.

Why savor being single?

Who the heck has the right to say that being single is better than being in a relationship? If you think you do, you’ve had sucky relationships (which explains why you’re single, ha!) Sure, it’s easy for someone who’s been in and out of relationships to say, “Hey, having a girlfriend sucks!” How about those who’ve been single all their lives? They’d have no right to say that, never knowing what a relationship is like. I say have at least one relationship first, then only say, “Guys suck! I’m never gonna go out with one, much less look at one!” It would be just like saying, “I like being single because I’ve never had a relationship and wouldn’t know which is better.”

Try before you cry.


There’s no such thing!” I’m sure you’ve heard that lecture everytime the word comes out. Soulmates are just conjured words from the modern day talispeople (is that right?) who write your horoscopes. Most girls will just call their current infatuation their soulmate because of some minor coincidences, then break up and say that he was not the one. Not the soulmate. The next boyfriend will then take over the role of ‘soulmate’. To some, soulmates are just another word for boyfriends!


Yep. That’s what’s holding them back. Don’t give me that lame excuse that you’re never gonna go after the opposite sex again because you were rejected or dumped! There are over 6 billion humans in the world, and at least 45% (I think) of the world’s population are of the opposite sex! So what if you’ve been dumped? If you can’t take rejection, that’s okay. Nobody really does. The important part is to move on. You will meet other people. You will have a crush all over again. Your hormones will ensure that you do. If you’re ugly, you’ll grow out of it, or develop skills that will earn you enough to buy you makeup, or plastic surgery.

Hmm I think I just dissed the facially-unattractive crowd, so here’s a vanity quote I want you people who think you’re too ugly for the world to recite:

“I’m not good-looking; I just need less makeup to look good.”

Think positive thoughts! =]

(If you want to whack me up now, remember I share your singlehood pains!)

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