Lend Me An Ear

I miss you Patrick. The guy who wouldn’t mind movie spoilers (well, he spoils movies for me!) He would spoil X-Men 2 by sitting next to me and pointing out which parts happen in the book adaptation of the movie.

Yes, I watched The Matrix: Revolutions yesterday at a press screening, and the fact that I can’t tell anybody is killing me. If you watched the second one, this trilogy ender is a must. If not you’ll probably be misguided by the idea of a Matrix in a Matrix and whatever other stories you’ve read on the Internet.

I cannot wait till it opens in the cinemas so I can fairly debate my points. In the meantime, I shall play Enter The Matrix again for more clues.

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  1. Patrick Post author

    hey you! hold your horses. will be back by december. I think I’ve changed a bit. dyed my hair. and then grew it then cut it so now it has no more dye. the rest of the changes? tell you when i come back. 24 days more!


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