The Irony!

I was supposed to meet up with Shaz in KL at 9:30pm to borrow his digital camera. He had college before that so I couldn’t meet him earlier.

Instead of bumming around town walking alone as usual staring at people, I figured, why not break fast? I called 5 friends, all of which could not make it in the end.

Shaz’s class was cancelled, so he could come a bit earlier. It was like fate. If only he would call and I would say I was eating dinner at One Utama, and that I’d only be in KL at 9:30pm. If only.


We went to Hartz Chicken Buffet. I took loads of fried chicken and little biscuits. Refillable ice lemon tea is heaven, man. Unfortunately I didn’t read all the signs and I took liver disguised as fried chicken! Eugh. Had to finish it, or I’d have to pay for it. 😛


I was walking towards the bus stop, and I passed by Low Yat Plaza. In a weird Sixthseal kind of way, this blur-looking guy comes up to me, asking if I speak Chinese. We speak Malay.

Apparently, he needed RM24 to get a bus back to Banau, Negeri Sembilan. He showed me his IC and an empty wallet. He said his friend took his money.

I pointed to the police car parked across the street (at Sungei Wang) and told him to go report his friend. He then admitted that he owed his friend money. “Itu you punyer pasal”, I said. It was his fault, him to blame.

He pleaded again, saying he would call me and mail me the money. I turned around to check my pocket (not very safe thing to do) and I gave him RM5. I told him to go ask some other people, since that was ‘all I had‘.

Shaz’s digicam was in my pocket, but I figured it wouldn’t be safe to let him know. He had a real authentic pitiful face though. 😛

I hereby unleash the camboy in me! (Took quite a while since I wasn’t photogenic today. 🙁 )

What, me worry? (msnworry.jpg, 2747 bytes)

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  1. Daniel Post author

    Poor thing Albert ! i met this kind of ppl twice ! that fella told me that he just came out from jail n wanted to go back tp penang .. ask me to give him 30 bucks … siao ! i told him that i also want to go back to penang eh .. u give me 20 bucks enough eh !


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