Thou Shalt Not Convene

I had a double pass for My Boss’s Daughter at GSC Midvalley, and I had a free Saturday with absolutely nothing to do.

And so, I called all possible fans of Ashton Kutcher. (Meaning them females.) At least 10 straight out could not make it, but 4 said they could and (hours) later could not.

At one point, false hope was so high, I felt like Thomas Edison when he found the right filament. Of course, the rain drowned all hope.

Like a curse it was! I did not believe in luck and fate and all that, but this was too ironic indeed. Today was supposed to be a Saturday. The easiest day to go out. The holiday season was on. Nature, however, was all against it.

In an awesome act-of-God, God meddlesomely knew that I had a college project to finish. I didn’t even bump into anybody familiar in Midvalley!

It wasn’t until I broke out of routine that I would break the spell. I was hungry, but not hungry enough for a greasing of fast food. I walked to Rotiboy, and I bumped into an ex-classmate from school!


I didn’t recognize him at first. A lot later I realized he was the Malay prefect who negotiated in Chinese with the gangsters. And here I was, a banana, unable to speak Chinese. He looked Chinese anyway.

I don’t even remember ever trying the legendary Mexican Bun, so I asked how many would be nice for lunch. He sold me two for RM1.50. Later I found that one bun was RM1.50. 🙂

It was nice, strong smelling, collapsingly crunchy, and had sweet butter on one end. How do you tell which end is it, so you don’t start there?

However, after two, I was full, and I didn’t feel the same addiction that many have described.

The legendary Rotiboy Mexican Bun (mexicanbun.jpg, 4393 bytes)
(Please make sure your monitor is clean before you lick it.)

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  1. CaryNa da bOmbdefusah Post author

    LIke rotiboy…i never knew they had that in Midvalley…cause i saw it in OU’s phase 2 today and i was like ‘hrm, should i work here?’…are the buns good? lol.


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