The Only Difference That I See In You

I met a bunch of old schoolmates. To which two girls tapped me on the shoulder and, with an expression of shock and hand covering mouth, went, “Oh my God! ALBERT!”

I mockingly did the same back to them.

“You look so different!”

Ah yes, what could be more complimenting than girls acknowledging that I have:

1) eyebags
2) longer-than-a-schoolboy hair

They looked the same, just with different hairstyles. I was still taller than them. 🙂

Later, in a moment of silence, I pondered the previous meets with schoolmates I had not met for 3 years. Guys would go, “Haha you still look exaaactly the same. Never changed.” (This was very recent, with my longer hair…)

Then I thought of a bunch of girls I bumped into KLCC. They said I looked very different, (and much better, at that!) even though that was much earlier in the year, and I was still visiting my Indian barber.


Girls know what to say when they meet old acquiantances. “You look so different!

Guys are unobservant idiots. “You look exactly the same!” (Except me lah, I could tell the difference… unless guys tend to change more after school or something.)

Edited 14:11 hours 18th November 2003: We also bumped into a church friend of a friend. Ironically, he was selling insurance! Odd. Faith is about optimism, while insurance is about pessimism.

4 thoughts on “The Only Difference That I See In You

  1. Tiara Post author

    sometimes it IS shocking when you don’t see someone for AGES…

    ironically the older you get the less you change. I once caught up with my old neighbours after five years, and while the kids were dramatically different, their parents still looked the same…

  2. Patrick Post author

    Sure I know what you went through. I met so many of my old school friends and they’ve all changed. They all still up with their high school friends but it seems that nobody missed me.

    Was I gone from the face of the earth? Why didn’t anyone miss me in the last 3 years? I suddenly feel so unimportant. 🙁


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