So You’all Want A Single

Well hello. I didn’t expect so much attention for being Featured Blog, so hello! Yes so I submitted my site so yeah. “Poet and a prophet” is a line from Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away. No man I’m no Bob Marley but I like telling people to woke smeed. Go figure.

I’d love to write something really long, but hey, I’m just filling up to cover my last posting. I shall attempt a mainstream blog post for now.

The SPM results was a bummer. Most people I know got 6-7 A’s! During my time (SPM 2000) my friends and I got 4-5 A’s. People who took it the next year got 1-2 A’s. Perhaps it’s an unjust observation, but I found it ironic. Maybe I just knew some very unacademic people from SPM 2001. Maybe I just knew some very academic people from SPM 2003.

Does it really matter how many A’s you have when you’re applying for a job?

Would it make a difference whether you get 4A’s or 6A’s? I’d think you’d only make some impact if you waltzed in an interview with 12A’s. Of course, the more A’s, the better the chances of you getting a scholarship, but that’s a very subjective political issue.

Really, I can’t stand the thought that grades are all that matter. I know very successful people who have positions of power not because of grades but because of their excellent people skills. Their ability to convince. Remember Dewey Finn of School Of Rock? He sweet-talked his way into getting his way somewhat. Having that skill will get you… loads of free stuff, and a few contacts that matter. (I even wrote a poem about a very unorthodox method of convincing a reluctant date!)

Oh yeah, what do I think of School Of Rock? I liked it! Rock on! Stick it to the man! I walked in, being a classic rock fan and all, expecting to know every musical reference, but alas! That was not the case. I hadn’t listened to The Doors, The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, The Ramones (though I’ve heard of all of them!) A bit contradictory was how Dewey could like punk and heavy metal at the same time. (Well I only liked British classic heavy metal so yeah.)

Still, I could go around telling people how I know the first song Dewey played to Zack was Black Sabbath – Iron Man and not Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water. Right after watching it I walked with a guitar geek all over town to every guitar store, admiring the lickable Gibson SG. Yes, I have an obsession with butterscotch-colored guitars.

Speaking of food, I wanna go try cheese naan because of all that hype. However I always go eat Indian food with friends so they know what to order. My friend who suggested it however didn’t know what it tasted like though so we’d go jakun together over its flavor! However, nobody really knew (or agreed upon) which way to fold a Banana Leaf Rice banana leaf…

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