Regional Trouble

Geek satiation time!

As if fate should piss me off once again, the original Red Hot Chili Peppers – Live At Slane Castle DVD-9 made me change my DVD writer’s regions.

Nope, DVD Region-Free did not work as advertised.

Yes, I had to change from Region 1 to Region 2 (Apparently this DVD-9 was for Regions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 only!)

Nobody let playing a DVD be easy.

Yes, it is fully original with Holographic KPDN & HEP (no, not the imitation DVD-9 hologram), a Imported Warner Music sticker and censorship board approval! Yes it is a DVD-9 with a whooping 7.35 GB (so please don’t ask me to copy it for you although I have a DVD burner and know how to use it, as I have no media above 4.7 GB.)

Yes, it kicks ass with the fancy video shots and detailed DVD-quality stubble but I have to sleep and wake up tomorrow or rather in 2 hours time.

Tomorrow I promise a story on the acquisition of the DVD, and how the Kuwaitians striked yesterday!

0 thoughts on “Regional Trouble

  1. Dustyhawk Post author

    there’s a thing call video editing ^_^ ….. strip off the parts, cut the areas not needed. than split it into two and burn it into 2 dvd+R

    *smacks albert with kayu manis*

  2. Iszie Post author

    I knew there was a way to self-convert region 1 DVDs but I’m not going to take the risk of the ones I have shipped in from Japan. Collectors. I shall just squint and watch my stuff using the WMP.

    And no, it’s not hentai.


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