ICOM For Bee Gees!

18th October 2012: ICOM Celebration Series Tribute to Bee Gees, at HGH Convention Centre, Jalan Sentul. Here’s Daniel Yoong, whose dad I met first through RakanKL. Sign of the times, eh.

Syazwin Saprudin joins.

They all took turns singing classics from the Gibb brothers. Here on vocals are siblings, too – Caleb Savari and Caitlynn Savari.

Faviq Dellanie Awangku pulls off Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away). The reason why I can quote names with such accuracy is because I just found the program booklet (also, you might have noticed I blogged this later than the later October 2012 gigs – only because I wanted to find the booklet and get the details right.)

The backing band for Set 1.

All shots with the Sony Alpha 77, Samyang 35mm F1.4 UMC and Opteka 85mm F1.4. I also shot JPG instead of cRAW, since I was running out of space and forgot to clear it beforehand. Hence the color cast is not strongly corrected, or it would lead to gritty shadows and harsh color graduations.

I don’t know what HGH is about, but it’s a pretty new place, in a gentrified part of Jalan Sentul.

The second set began.

There are many Bee Gees songs that make me want a keyboard synthesizer – Jive Talkin’ for example. Tablet keyboard apps don’t feel the same!

Now, if only I could read sheet music…

Left to right: Niki Salamat, Syazmin Saprudin, and Caitlynn Savari, doing Heartbreaker/Guilty/Chain Reaction.

And here’s the guy I came to see, and how I knew of this show – the very funky Herman Ramanado! He grew up on the good ol’ stuff with his brothers and now he’s doing a tribute!

Islands In The Stream, by Caleb and Caitlynn, with spot on vocals and nuances.

Darryl Diengdoh from India, is another standout.

Another Herman shot.

I wish I knew of this series earlier – apparently, they did tributes to The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Queen!

On a side note, it is ironic that the Gibb brothers, including Andy Gibb who wasn’t part of the Bee Gees but had some disco hits, would pass away, youngest first, leaving only the oldest, Barry Gibb. (Although Maurice and Robin are twins, Maurice was born 35 minutes later.)

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