Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

There was a brown beetle on my blanket last night.

Being the unreactive (or shall I say calm and collected) guy I was, I did not panic or call my mommy (she was asleep).

I waved the blanket in the air, trying to shake off the bug(ger), but it persisted! It stuck there, with its tiny claws in the checkered fibres.

Improvised I did! I took a long toilet roll tube and cupped it. I then covered the opening of the well with thick tissue paper. I then overturned the toilet roll tube, with the blanket following. Twap! I flicked the other side of the blanket like the finest illusionists of those days.

I slowly removed the blanket, covering it with another piece of tissue. I had captured the miniscule beast! I felt its helpless weight tumbling through the tube as I walked to the window. I held it outside and released the bottom tissue door; the tissue fell, with what appeared to be the bug on a ride of its life down the first floor rooftop.

I walked back to bed, knowing I had spared a bug’s life.

As if to thank me, it whizzed, flying back into the room later, happily exploring the room. My brother and I avoided. Made me wish I threw the tube with both walls still on! Its cage would fall apart upon descent anyway. We laughed and figured it shouldn’t come back (or we weren’t bothered) so we went to sleep.

0 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Thank you! I’d make a fantastic grandfather. Imagine reading just "I found a bug, cupped it with a tube and threw it out the window."

  2. Zebra Jay Post author

    you brave soul. what would you have done if it was a flying roach? and btw, i’ve just put a link up to your blog on mine!!!

  3. Iszie Post author

    There were bugs everywhere after 6pm in the new house I’d moved into yesternight. I just held them with my fingers making sure I don’t squish them to death and dropped them out the window.

    No fancy schmancy toilet tubes ’cause I couldn’t even find my brains with everything all over the place.

  4. Post author

    U have a very interesting way of telling things….very amusing.


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