Pillars Of Love

Have you ever leaned against a pillar? We all take these strong, concrete-reinforced slabs for granted.

Pillars need a hug, too.

Imagine how painful it would be to not have any arms to hug people with! If it had a mouth, it would scream “hug me!!!” but alas, it is mute, and even sadder, armless.

And if you’re thinking only living things need your love and affection, well, dead people are still in the hearts of people – look at Elvis Presley.

Plus, depending on the pillar size, it may or may not be an easy hug. You know it won’t run away from you. You know you won’t crumple its bones, especially if you’re a big guy. It doesn’t fuss about how you hug it; it doesn’t try to unhook your bra straps.

Let us all take a moment to appreciate the pillars that hold up our buildings. The next time you see a pillar, give them a big, warm hug!

0 thoughts on “Pillars Of Love

  1. JoAnNe|^-^| Post author

    Albert, please tell me u are not insane… 😛 hehe didn’t visit ur page for a while d… life’s tough recently
    huGZ see u around

  2. chez1978 Post author

    My God!
    Albert, you have certainly come very far from being a tree-hugger to a pillar-hugger.

    I am sure you’re graduate to poles real soon.

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique Post author

    them pole dancers give lots of loving to them steel pillars (albeit thin ones…) 😛


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