Who Am I?

As of late, I have been changing my MSN Messenger nickname. (Of course, I also reversed it.)

Before this, it would always be Glaring Notebook. Now people are telling me they almost deleted me from their friends. (Well yay then the unobservant deleter won’t bug me.) Or they go “who is this?” and start cursing. (My nicknames are hardly offensive, though a bit odd… plus I don’t use horrible fancy characters.)

Gee, I don’t delete friends with strange nicks (can’t you read my email, even if it is backwards?) I don’t know if people who change nicks all the time get deleted either. I thought nick-changing was commonplace, especially to lyrics. If it’s not lyrics then it’s some gothic depression expression.

Oh, right. I’m supposed to add my old nick to it, but that would spoil the reversed cuteness of having a nick like reebtoow dna sregrubma now wouldn’t it?

0 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Frus Post author

    I din really bother to know who the heck is that. I tot it was some noob who has a crush on Albert since he/she has your face in his/her msn avatar


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