Effect Food

My once distraught friend sobbed.

I gained 1 kilogram after eating a lychee!

Perhaps, then, we should be thankful that McDonalds is taking a step towards awareness; they call it the Quarter Pounder. People like me, trying to gain weight, know damn well that we will gain at least a quarter of a pound eating it. We don’t have any guarantee how much we’d gain with a Big Mac (heck, they could change the weight of a Big Mac anytime!)

Soon, with enough people filing lawsuits (“caution: contents may be hot“) we will have food items named not to promise the tongue but to tell you what you can expect. Big Triple-bypass Heart Attack Mac.

Now don’t take me seriously, I love McDonalds and fast food in general.

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  1. Doey Post author

    There are lots of other reasons besides food intake. Like depression and inactivity causes us to gain weight. Maybe ur friend’s metabolic rate desided to take its toils.


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