Simple, Man

I woke up with an emo punk song in my head but ended up writing this pop punk crap.

Don’t say hi or hello
Our talk will have its toll
Once you’ve sparked the flow
Of words beyond my control

Don’t send me home
I don’t want to go
To places that we may roam
Where we’d be rolling out dough

Don’t touch me or say that you care
Don’t fancy or ruffle my hair
Don’t party and say that you’d share
For presence should at least be paired

Don’t wake me up
I’m in slumber so deep
It was last night’s tea cup
That wouldn’t let me sleep

Don’t forgive me
I’ll never remember
The things you said to me
Were in a previous lecture

Don’t compliment
I’ll miss it the next day
Don’t stop the argument
For we had a lot to say

0 thoughts on “Simple, Man

  1. Mystery Wolf Post author

    *lol* somehow this has sparked something in me, and I present you this in memory of that fateful day when a girl checked out your shoes instead of you:


    I thought you were into me
    Instead what I see
    That you look down on me
    To my shoes, and it aint Nike

    Two of us in the store
    One staring
    One wanting more
    Speculating eyes be never ending

    I turn away in wonder
    As your face goes sombre
    In all my years I would remember
    The girl who checked out my shoes in December

    ~ Mystery Wolf


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