Joey Eat Tyre

Hey you know since like you’re really wise and all would you mind helping your friend out? I need some advice…

How could I say nay to a damsel in distress? I assumed the role of final affirmer. “Yes! Send the message confessing how much you still feel for him and talk to your ex again after 5 months!

Then the conversation strayed to me finding out that she liked me for like 3 months when we first knew each other. Whoa what a coincidence, I admitted. Damn. All this while, I thought she was just a very, very conversational person with loads of credit! Damn I was oblivious.

The guy replied. It was mutual. Somebody got her happy ending.

Then there’s another ironic thing in life. When I hung out with my crush (and in her group of friends, there is a guy who she likes and likes her as well), the guy will be very, very friendly with me, even on the first time meeting. One of them asked for my phone number and couldn’t stop talking to me. Another guy asked for my phone number and gave me my first lapdance!

And hell, I found out both were mutual… a bit too late.

On a side note, some girl I have no crush on whatsoever said, “Hey you know when I first met you, I really really hated you. I don’t know why.

I asked this relatively angsty person, “Hey! If I rarely see you sober, how come you’ve never been frank with me?

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