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Albert's 135 IQ score

Click on the image to take the test. Don’t steal my GIF file mmkay.

It’s a bit different from the real thing I took a while back; while it is Advanced Progressive Matrices, this one has patterns that don’t just go by row and column. The real thing also only has 5 answers while this has 8. The passing mark here is 148, not 130. The deviation may also differ from the Malaysian one. I can’t remember my Add Maths (A2 was a fluke I swear!)

To some of you, I am not the smartest, and I admit that. Or maybe the great formulas have already been invented.

The site also says that the Intelligence Quotient is 100 X Mental Age / Physical Age. Since the site doesn’t ask for your age, I assume it does not take into account my youth. Therefore, my mental age is 135 X 21 / 100 = 28.35!

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