Mommy At Work

The office pantry now has a sealed partition with a folding door and a chair inside. For weeks, its purpose was a mystery… until an email was sent to the entire office.

It was a breastfeeding room.

In the past four years (in 3 days it will be exactly 4 years) I’ve worked at ASTRO, the number of births have increased, and the number of pregnant ladies seen around have increased. This, we know, from the public emails.

It’s funny in a way, as it reminded me of back in my last year of secondary school, the year 2000. More and more teachers were getting pregnant! It didn’t help that I didn’t go for tuition.

Oh and last Thursday I went to support Jin‘s HELP play… by showing up. It was Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. I didn’t understand much of it, perhaps muddled by their Old English and missed lines. Thank goodness I escaped mandatory Literature for SPM by being born 13 days early, so I didn’t have to read all that flowery language (and perhaps know the story before its end.)

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  1. Jha Post author

    Shakespearean language – indeed, all of Medieval theatre – is really hard. It’s because they have all these words which mean something else, and it’s just to hard to read it for the first time because you have to refer to the bottom of the page for what means what. It’s only after like, the second or third reading, when you can read through the whole thing at one go and not be bothered by the language, can you really appreciate it. Otherwise, it’s really well worth a try.


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