Poodoo, Back To The 90’s

26th June 2013: I was at the Chan Sow Lin STAR LRT station…

…to take the walkway to the new One Metro Pudu, in Fraser Business Park.

Shops had not opened then.

There’s something about its emptiness.

Looks like a long walk.

I then found the place! Poodoo DIY-BBQ Live Music.

Here’s David Arumugam of The Alleycats!

Ben’s Bitches.

The gig? Back To The 90’s.


Ben’s Bitches is always fun to watch, because of Ben and his drunken ramblings and poignant lyrics.

Azmyl Yunor gets on the walkway.

I can’t remember if they played (The Cha Cha Ska Of) Amber Chia.

The wall, adorned with caricatures of pool players.

Kyoto Protocol!

Rocking all out.

They stayed true to the gig name, playing music from the 90’s.

Then came the expected surprise…

Shan’s birthday cake!

This usually ends only one way, but he continued drumming after.

Daft Punk was also present.

Beer drinking competition!

The dude on the far right won… but he didn’t keep it in for long. Nevertheless for his effort, he got to keep his prize.

I exited the other way, and found a better-looking entrance. It should look a lot better now with the DIY-BBQ part built.

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