More JUICE Revolving!

25th August 2013: JUICE Revolver Sessions #2 @ The Bee, Publika. A freestyle jam session where the first musician plays for 5 minutes. He/she is then joined by the next musician for 5 minutes, and then he/she leaves, replaced by the next musician, and so on. Fascinating concept! (The first session was here.)

Here’s Takashi Aiman (also known as DJ TKI) on electronic effects.

Helmi on drums.

Andri on synthesizer.

Nikki on a sofa.

Yong Yandsen on saxophone.

Faidhal Faizan ‘Mustaq’ on bass.

A Fender mandolin guitar. Very nice, and weighty for its size.

Ray Cheong on guitar.

Emir, in waiting.

Emir Syazwan on guitar. They had a blues jam!

Azam Hisham on drums.

Ray and his beautiful guitar.

Azmyl Yunor on mandolin guitar.

Kuning Pening on tambourine.

I salute his crazy performance art.

Some laughed, some cringed. Oh and Khairi Iskander on drums.

Darren Ashley on electronic effects.

Az Samad on guitar.

Due to technical difficulties, Az took over the job of making futuristic sounds.

Darren got on drums.

Difficulties fixed.

Much later, a bunch of them got up and jammed.

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  1. Kuning Pening

    Hi there Glaring Notebook. If you may. Can you delete the picture of me in this posting wearing Speedo. I dont want the pictures being missuses the picture by others. I would appreciate it. Thank you.


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