Flying Away, Mate?

Why is everybody who is flying off to Australia doing so on February the 14th?

I imagine the most bittersweet drama moments happening at an airport, where students decide not to fly off (yet). Either that, or they’d have Valentine’s Day celebrations at the airport, where everything is fantastically priced. 🙂

Haha screw them, I won’t be there to see anybody off.

And no, I’m not going to Australia. What’s the big deal about that place? It’s just expensive. Malaysians who go there end up hanging out with their Malaysian friends. What is the point of that then? I’d go there to experience some blitherin’ foreign culture, man. Think you’ve got dengue and saw your life flash you by? Well go there and pick locusts off you, mate. Go have some refillable coke at Hungry Jack. Go learn the Melbourne Shuffle.

But no.

I see people coming back from Australia, and they go, “Aiyee!!! S.H.E.! 5566!!! Jay Chou!!!” in their Australian accents.

P.S. To Patrick and Ed: This rant was not meant for you.

4 thoughts on “Flying Away, Mate?

  1. Syefri Post author

    Wherever I go, how amazed I am with the country I’m at, Malaysia is still the best . More reason to be at home then abroad 😉

  2. kuachee Post author

    HAHA happy Vday la.

    heys i got free invites for this competition im taking part in. actually ah. we masuk the grand finals la. oh my bands name is frequency cannon. the place will be at orange club this friday 18 feb, jln kia peng opposite hakka restaurant near mandarin oriental kl. ive got free passes but u gotta come at 630pm to get the free passes. just tell ’em u are kuachee’s fren from fcannon and that should be ok la 🙂 but please come early yah. bring all ur frens too. many thanks hehe

    more info

    best regards ya. im damn happy i dun fly anymore.hehe.

    kuachee 🙂

  3. tech Post author

    true man. i got a friend who went to Melbourne for like 3 weeks, she also told me that she found it weird that ppl there are hanging out with malaysians only.

    i dun think that’ll happen to me. hehhehe…

    p/s: well i guess the reason ppl wanted to go there is it’s the nearest place that they can go to be around bunch of kwai lo’s… weird…


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