Paragraphs Went

Went to catch Twilight Action Girl again on a Friday night, this time featuring the deejay I knew. Too bad I didn’t bring my bag and thus lost my chance at making them rockers hear the seminal rock band, Spinal Tap. Made like a moshpit with Justin Guber. I preferred this week’s more American selections, what with them ending with Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire! (Or rather we left after that.)

Went home to find this:

Went in and jakuned. Joy! The days of adjusting the indoor RF cable’s connection to the surge protector are gone. Yay to clear NTV7 and 8tv! And yay to free ASTRO!

Went online, and found this gem. If you’ve got Winamp5, you will appreciate this plugin. Yes, it updates MSN Messenger 7.0 as well! (It’s not a beta version anymore!) Click on my MSN to see what’s playing on Winamp. Before this, only Windows Media Player could update MSN Messenger; I prefer Winamp though, for its Global Hotkeys (which means pressing Ctrl-Shift-Home pauses the song among other shortcuts.) Yep, I don’t need to Alt-Tab to Winamp anymore!

Went to change my links in my About Me! page to add Reta (who uh, has linked me as the Xfresh dude.)

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  1. disco-very Post author

    darn! you were at the loft that day? i was around but i didn’t see you! i bumped into KJ that night at zouk! darn, the three of us would have made a riot.

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