I don’t think I need to be specific as to who is who. All you need to know is that this guy is trying to send me a 18 MB file and it is quite urgent and work-related. Gmail won’t handle it, and there are no free FTP options online. ****** is the guy’s name.

Hi Albert

7 thoughts on “AAARGH

  1. Mystery Wolf Post author

    I’d also like to point and laugh at your job description; ‘Senior Developer’. Heh, sounds like you develop senior citizens or something, lol.

    I’m feeling nasty today ]:)

  2. Leo Goh Post author

    you failed me again b4574rd.

    next time open an ftp on xfresh’s hosting and ask him to upload there

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    That’s why I say I’m a pro-grammar programmer.

    Lionel: Unfortunately I am not in control and those buggers are slow as heck. Until now the server time is 30 minutes fast.


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