So I’m stuck between 4 possible plans for this Saturday 21st. So you’ve got no plans and finished your exams. So I’m being helpful by doing a community service announcement.

Event 1:
What: Rawg Dawg Music Fest Finale
Where: Paul’s New Place, Old Klang Road
When: 5pm 21st May 2005
How much: RM10 with free drink
Who: Lurks, Warve, Auburn, Moodbox, Stonebay, 11th Hour, Infiltrated, Inverted Coma, Beat The System, Roots In Boots, Ben’s B***hes, Furion Escalada, Love In Arson (from Terengganu)
Why: I have not seen Ben’s B***hes as a full band; their stage antics are hilarious

Event 2:
What: Tragic Lullaby II
Where: JamAsia, Crystalville Plaza, Desa Sri Hartamas
When: 5pm 21st May 2005
How much: Not sure but gigs never go past RM20
Who: Love Me Butch, John’s Mistress (unable to play due to unforseen circumstances) as far as I know
Why: JamAsia is convenient… for me.

Event 3:
What: Actorlympics: Stars War! Revenge of the colonic menaces
Where: The Actors Studio Bangsar
When: 8:30pm 21st May 2005
How much: RM40/45 (RM25 for students 15 years and above) – this is according to their official site but the flyer says RM47/42/32 (RM27 for students and senior citizens)
Who: Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskander, Jason Lo, Gavin Yap, Ida Nerina, Nell Ng, Reza Zainal Abidin, Jit Murad, hosted by Patrick Teoh
Why: HILARIOUS. The Malaysian version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, unrehearsed comedy. Considering they don’t have a regular show like Drew Carey’s it’s a wonder they can pull off so many live jokes. Yes, I’ve seen it, it’s that good. DJCS goes whenever it shows.

Event 4:
What: Marty Friedman guitar clinic
Where: Orange Club, Jalan Kia Peng, KL
When: 6:30pm 21st May 2005
Who: Marty Friedman is the lead guitarist for thrash metal band Megadeth
Why: I love thrash metal

I promised Irene I’d go for Event 1 (plus I knew about it 3 months go) so yeah. Event 2? I can’t get Love Me Butch’s new stuff. Event 3? They’re also play-ing on Wednesday 18th May, 8:30pm and Sunday 22nd May, 3pm, of which I’m going on Wednesday. Event 4 well I found out a bit late and I’m not that familiar with Dave Mustaine and gang.

Oh, and on Sunday there’s also Huru Hara, a gig at Paul’s Place again, RM10 with free drink, 2pm, with Lied (angry alternative rock), Tempered Mental (progressive alternative rock), Y2K (funny punk covers), Furniture (spacey post-rock), Dragon Red (nu-metal) and Estranged (funky nu-metal). I’m going to forgo my Sunday sleep for that.

So you go, “Oh so that’s why you’re not online so often.

7 thoughts on “Perfourmance

  1. Lex Post author

    So, buddy, it did help u eh?
    oh btw, it’s not longer intrakota, it’s called KL Rapid (Rapid, my foot, they are still not on time!)

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Of all times I can’t find a map. By car head to Midvalley from KL but turn left into Old Klang Road. Head on till Pearl Point; Asoka, a club is opposite. (You could also take Metrobus 20 or Intrakota 69 from KL Central Monorail station.) Paul’s Place is behind; look upwards between ground and first floor. It’s towards the left side of the block. It’s a 3-4 storey climb so ask around before climbing the wrong stairway flight. 😛

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