Another Swipe

Oh my goodness more pictures!

Maybe I should get the Nissan Fairlady Z next.

Or the Honda NSX-R.

However, I cannot resist the Dodge Viper SRT-10. The Americans have a winner! It was nice for once, to have the wind blow my hair up and back. Don’t know why the windscreen couldn’t be taller though. Plus you might wanna wear a cap in the blistering sun, but that will be blown away!

Alright, so I am that predictable. It’s from the cheaper Transformer Alternator series, and it’s second-hand (a display unit) so I got it cheaper still. (It’s nearly impossible to find this Alternator-series Sideswipe.)

One thought on “Another Swipe

  1. YK Post author

    Schweet ! Dude, u wanna sell me your Decepticharge? I m buying. You can then buy that Windcharger instead. I just got shockblast , Ravage and Decepticharge. But my decepticharge was defect ! 2 left arm !!! I may sell it off at ebay. Do lemme know la if u wanna sell off yours.


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